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2 thoughts on “Animales con caras humanas

  • Phil

    That’s not an Eucorysses grandis ! It’s a Catacanthus incarnatus … E. grandis actually looks more like a skull

  • Jaio

    Thanks, Phil, for your comment, but I am afraid that the beautiful bug Catacanthus incarnatus may be a pentatomid @ the final instar (5 / 6th). They are commonly known as Stink Bugs, well known agriculture pests. Catacanthus incarnatus is the scientific name of the “Hitler Bug” (ID courtesy : Dr.Subhalakshmi, V) and looks a bit different, like this:
    or this:

    they have many colors and this is due to life cycle: they’ve 5 stages of growth known as ‘Instars’. this color may be the 5th or 6th instar of the bug.